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Special Glasswasher Liquid - 5 Litre x2

Product Brand:   SG Gemmell Ltd
Product Condition:   New
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Chelated liquid alkaline detergent for use in cabinet glasswashing machines. At suitable concentration, water not fully softened may be used. Some free causticity is present for difficult cleaning applications. The formulation has no added caustic soda. Inhibited to minimise attack on plated and non-ferrous machine parts.

Product Code MGK

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH)

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Telephone: 01462 421839


Instructions for use

For small machines with hand dosing: add 90ml MGK to the detergent tank, then 30ml every third basket. For automatically dispensed machines: use 0.2-0.5% v/v concentration.

Use temperature 55-65
0 C. Do not start washing until this temperature has been achieved.

Use Rinse Aid (RB) to ensure rapid spot free drying.

Constant overdosing of any glasswashing detergent will increase the risk of etching glasses over a period of time. Inadequate rinsing can also have this effect.

Please ensure that your machine is well maintained and correctly adjusted.